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    Hovered = None (or Decode and Show as Tooltip)
    M-Clicked = None (or None + Select)

    Hovered = Decode and Show as Tooltip
    M-Clicked = None + Select

    Sample URL:

    ** The Percent-encoding in the URL never shows the tooltip.
    ** Unable to select the Percent-encoding in the URL with M-clicking.

    So is it possible to make the priority adjustable (by reordering the Active String list)?

    Another suggestion:
    I hope customized formats (e.g. regular expressions) can be added by the user.
    For example,

    More color formats used in different files:
    “255 0 128”

    And I want to add some more URL prefixes.
    particularly, I want to highlight the CHM URLs in my files, e.g.:
    CHM URLs can be opened directly with hh.exe or IE-based browsers.
    I use a macro to determine what app should be run to open the URL.
    With Active String feature, the URL would be clickable. And the macro could be very simple (no need to recognize the string).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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