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    Yang Yang

    It seems that Ctrl+Backspace has become the de facto shortcut for deleting the previous word, but unfortunately, standard Windows controls don’t have built-in support for it. For instance, Ctrl+Backspace in the Find dialog box produces a control character 0x7f (DEL). Simple text editors like notepad also behave this way.

    EmEditor is not simple. Personally it’s the No. 1 Text Editor that plays an essential role in my daily work. Because Ctrl+Shift+Left followed by Delete is way slower than a snappy Ctrl+Backspace, and because 0x7f is mostly useless, I propose to add support for Ctrl+Backspace in frequently used editables, like Find/Replace toolbar/dialogs, OutputBar, Filter toolbar, etc. This enhancement will immediately boost productivity for all users. A thorough support is welcome but may entail too meticulous work.

    Deeply thankful for your consideration.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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