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    Default settings.
    Add a snippet. Assign Alt+Shift+; to its Shortcut.
    Duplicate the snippet. (So when you press Alt+Shift+; you get a menu.)
    Assign Alt+; to “Split Lines” command.
    Select a wrapped line.
    Press Alt+Shift+;
    Press Alt key to close the menu.
    ** This will trigger Alt+; (“Split Lines” command).

    Press Alt+Shift+;
    Press Esc key to close the menu.
    ** It gives a sound (“Default Beep” in the system sound scheme).

    Default settings.
    Press Alt key once. (The menu bar is focused.)
    Press any Alt+ shortcut key (e.g. Alt+F3).
    Now it seems the menu bar is not focused.
    ** But I have to press Alt key twice to focus the menu bar.

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