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    What I want to do is: In TSV mode, if I select 3 cells, I wish to fill the number 1 to first cell, 2 to second and 3 to third…….If more cells are selected, it will increase and fill the number automatically.
    I try to use


    to count the selected cells, but it fails to return a number. I also don’t know how to set value for selected cell.

    Could you please give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Yutaka Emura

    It it is a vertical column where you want to insert serial numbers, you can use the Numbering command (ALT + N).
    If it is a horizontal line, you can write a macro, or please wait until the next version comes out, there will be a new feature for that.


    Thank you ,Yutaka Sang!


    Why is so much efforts invested in making EE a spreadsheet program? We have more than one free spreadsheet programs far more powerful… :-(

    Yutaka Emura

    David, you can use the AutoFill feature of today’s new beta version (v17.2.0 beta 2).

    Meir, many people want to open a very large CSV file, which Excel can’t handle. Which area do you want us to invest more efforts?


    Hello, Meir
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I need often to handle CSV/TSV files in my work.Of course I know Excel or other free spreadsheet applications can handle them. But Emeditor has its advantages:
    1. In Excel, if open CSV file, several steps is essential for choosing separator. While saving files to CSV/TSV format, I have to consider encode for unicode character. Emeditor is more easy to choose separator and encode.
    2. For large CSV files, for example, 10MB. The operating speed of Emeditor is faster significantly than that of Excel.
    3. Filter CSV data in EmEditor is very quick and flexible. I can decide to display only filtered rows ,or even their above/down defined rows.
    4. Narrow function: Only the rows of selected area are changeable. Others are grayed out. That will avoid unwanted change.
    5. Write macro in Emeditor is more simple that in Excel.
    There are many CSV related functions in Emeditor.
    I don’t think Emeditor is flawless but it’s really helpful to me.

    I will try soon. Thanks!


    Dear David and Yutaka,

    First of all, I love EE! It is fast, responsive, having all test-editing features I can think of and can handle very large files. In particular, its CSV/TSV/DSV handling is extremely useful in general and by me in particular. But I like it to stay that way. What I am concerned about is it being bloated and stop being fast and responsive.

    And to answer Yutaka’s question, I would like to see the following features:
    * A port to Linux, or at least support for it running over CrossOver

    * Unifying the “Group”, the “Project” plug-in and the “Workspace” into one entity that I would call “Project”, making it the basic EE entity to be loaded. It would roughly be the equivalent of today’s “Solution” of the “Projects” plug-in.

    To be sure, these are tall orders, but the first at least would open up a whole new market, IMHO larger than the Windows one, in particular for EE potential users, namely programmers.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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