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    Is it possible to setup EmEditor to automatically determine if opened file is XML document, regardless of extension, and apply XML scheme.

    Any XML document would have
    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> (encoding could be different)
    as 1st line.

    So, in theory, it should be very easy to determine just by looking at 1st line.


    Hi slav.

    You could utilize a macro script for that, which acts on event “File Opened”


    – save the macro as “DetectXML.jsee” to your EmEditor folder (I have a sub folder “Macros” created for that use)
    – utilize “Macros > Select…” and select this new macro file to add it to MyMacros category.
    – chose “Macros > Customize…”
    – select the macro (at the end of the list),
    – enable “[x] Run at Events”
    – press at [Events…] and chose “[x] File Opened”
    – ok
    – ok
    Test by opening an file containing XML structured text but lacks the XML extension (or not)


    The macro:
    (you may want to delete the “alert()” lines)

    if (document.selection.Find("<?xml",eeFindNext)){
    alert ('xml file detected'); //this line can be delete
    alert("Current Configuration: " + document.ConfigName); //line can be delete
    document.ConfigName = "XML"; //switch configuration to XML
    alert("Configuration switched to: " + document.ConfigName); //line can be delete

    Could be improved with
    strFirstLine = document.GetLine( 1 );       if strFirstLine.indexOf(“<?xml”)…..
    to detect at top of document only.


    Works great, thank you very much.

    Display Error

    The DetectXML.jsee only seems works on a freshly opened documents. But if you move the cursor below the first line and then re-open the document it can’t find “<?xml” since the cursor position is saved and past the 1st line. I was unable to get the “strFirstLine = document.GetLine( 1 );” to work as it spits out a “Expected (” error.

    Is there an alternate method for automagically detecting and switching to XML scheme?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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