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    Is it possible to make autosaving every change or every second? For example, save when you stop printing.

    It will be good for interpreted languages or webpages when you add a little and go to see result launching your script or refreshing browser. Now I am pressing ctrl+s every time, very tired of it and sometimes I forget it.
    Files usually are very small, saving costs nothing in performance.


    You can utilize “Tools > Properties for xyz > [Auto Save] >> Auto Save [ 1] Minutes”

    Additionally you can write a macro to save your document, and launch that macro at an event:

    Select Events :

    ** Cursor Moved
    ** Changed
    ** Character Inserted
    ** Group Window Closed
    ** Configuration Changed
    ** Group Window Created
    ** Document Closed
    ** Active Document Changed
    ** File Opened
    ** Idle
    ** Focus Lost
    ** Modified or Unmodified
    ** Tab Moved
    ** Scrolled
    ** Selection Changed
    ** Focus Set
    ** Before Saving
    ** File Dropped



    In properties you can use only minutes.

    I will try write macro on Focus Lost.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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