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    Is it possible to have the backspace delete to the previous indent instead of just a single character?

    For instance:

    1   <ul>
    2 <li>first</li>
    3 <li>second</li>
    4 </ul>

    If I have the cursor just in front of the

  • second
  • on line 3, I would like to have the backspace delete 4 spaces instead of just 1 space. If I have the cursor just in front of the on line 4, I would like to press the backspace key twice to have it line up with the

      on line 1.

      I was able to find the Tabify and Untabify commands which have helped some.


So is this currently doable and I’m missing the setting or should this be moved to Suggestions?

Yutaka Emura


The current version doesn’t support such a feature, except for making a macro or snippet for that purpose and assign that macro or snippet as BACKSPACE. I will think about that in future versions if this is important to you. You can also use SHIFT + TAB to delete tabs after selecting the lines you want to remove indent.

Thank you!


Yes, please add it to the wishlist.


Actually, never mind.

I found out that the other editors I use have the same functionality. The difference was that I had tab indenting turned on in them whereas I was using space indenting in EmEditor.

Thanks for a great product.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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