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    I am using a Intel Core2DuoE6750 CPU, running EmEditor with 2GB onboard memory on a SATA harddisk and I use NOD32 (well known for its less system performance penalty compare than its competitors), its AMON, file system monitor reports a scan of eeconfig.ini in very high frequency when working with EmEditor’s Properties configuration dialog. i.e. if I start my antivirus live scanning function, the “Properties for All configuration” dialog speed is so slow … its clumsiness is really beyond my tolerance.

    With my Antivirus file access scanning ON, it takes roughly 4 times longer to load the “Properties for All configuration dialog” and when I am at the “Display tab”, everytime I click a different “Part” in the list, my antivirus reports a scan of the eeconfig.ini (which is 2.54MB in size) and it take so long to get ready before I can start configuring color for the part.

    I have to exclude the EmEditor’s *.ini files from my Antivirus scanning in order to use its properties setup, I mean this is crazy, why don’t read the content of ini file into memory and work from there, isn’t it a good idea to minimize the read and write to the physical ini file?

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