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    Sorry Yutaka,

    I am not trying to drive you crazy, honestly!

    I just came by a FREE BiDi implementation, GNU FriBidi at

    FYI, once you decide to add BiDi support to the otherwise excellent and most useful EmEdiror text editor.


    Additional data:
    (late February 4’th)

    It turns out that Windows has its own BiDi engine, so friBiDi is not required, and in fact Windows engine is preferable since it is probably better supported and easier to use. (or is it???)

    Anyway, I communicated with one of the friBiDi authors and he discouraged me. He insisted that supporting a full blown BiDi editor requires quite a lot of effort.

    But for program editing we don’t need EE to become a word processor. For example, I don’t think that RTL paragraphs are required. All one would need is to occasionally double click and capture a small (<20 char.) RTL string for editing, copy/cutting/pasting, etc.

    For your consideration Yutaka…


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