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    Buy EmEditor from Emurasoft directly paying with Euros?

    Hi Yutaka, how are you?

    I have a question if one can buy EmEditor from Emurasoft directly.

    I mean i want to buy EmEditor for US$39.99 and want to pay in Euro,
    but share*it wants to charge me EUR 37.85, which are 52,60 US-Dollar today.
    That’s to much for me!

    So can i please buy EmEditor and send you $40 via PayPal to you directly?

    Best regards


    Buy from downloadpipe (it still goes to shareit, but it’s not as much), that’s where I got my license.

    The process of †getting recognized thru this site and the EMuraSoft customer center was a little odd, compared to instant process for WinRar or Total Commander.

    Although the reseller WinRar uses is highly questionable, and they sold my email address to spammers: After buying winrar spam to that email address doubled or tripled and I started getting stuff from the UK/France/etc.

    The TC license was cool, no additional charge to be sent a physical disk and license.

    † Since at the time the license was for V8.x and EmEditor was at V9.

    Yutaka Emura

    It shouldn’t be so high. Share-it converts currency according to the foreign exchange rate of the day you order. It won’t add any fees just because you use a different currency. When I tested today, a license costs only EUR 31.81. You can remove “Extended Download” from your cart because you don’t need it.
    Can you please try again?

    Thank you,


    Thanks for the responses.
    Here are some facts, just for your information, in case you don’t know:

    Yes, i have removed all additional positions.
    And the price of 31,81 Euro excl. VAT is still 44,36 Dollar.;to=USD;amt=31.81

    The rest till EUR 37.85 are german VAT.
    So i have to pay EUR 37.85 which are $53,;to=USD;amt=37.85

    That’s why i asked if there are other possibilities to buy (pay for) EmEditor :-)
    Is there an store in USA from where i can buy?
    Or can i make perhaps an donation to get an license,
    or can i send the money to your private PayPal account?


    Yutaka Emura

    I am sorry, but I can’t help with VAT. You will have to pay VAT if you buy from Europe.

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