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    I have a simple m3u playlist that emeditor is treating as a CSV file. There is a single comma in the directory name for all media files. This single comma in every line causes emeditor to think I am opening a CSV file. The lines look as follows:

    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2011, Dejavu\12-Anata Dake Ga.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2012, Driving Hits 4\06-Me Gumi No Hito.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2019, Driving Hits 9\25-Lollipop (Pink Chameleons Remix).flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2013, Color The Cover\06-Alone.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2011, Dejavu\09-Melting.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2017, W Face\14-Stand By You.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2019, Driving Hits 9\01-Watch Out!! -DNA-.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2010, Best - Third Universe\11-Anytime.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2010, 8th Album 'Universe'\03-Superstar.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2015, Winter of Love\07-Unmei.flac
    \\QNAPNAS\Media\Digital Audio\Koda Kumi\2012, Japonesque\19-All For You.flac

    This playlist gets treated as CSV with two columns due to this.

    Is there a way of turning off CSV? I never work with CSV files ever and do not require emeditor to ever do this.



    Tools menu:
    Properties for Current/All configuration(s):
    “CSV files to Detect” list:
    Uncheck the item not needed.

    Tools menu:
    Customize: (Global settings are here.)
    “CSV Formats” list:
    Delete the item not needed.

    But think twice and learn some CSV features. You might find them useful someday, not only for CSV files, but also for common editing.
    e.g. By using different character as CSV delimiter, you can view/align/sort/copy/edit/… a part clearly+easily:
    ▲ The image shows your m3u file sorted by the year, and by the sequence number.


    My entire intention on opening this text file was to sort it properly. That was all.

    CSV is absolutely useless to me and I have no need for it.

    Thank you for sharing how to turn it off.

    I actually sorted the files with TextPad 8 that I also have a license for. This opened it as a plain text file and sorting was rather simple using it.


    TextPad can do up-to-3-key sorting, but on same-length text only.
    I’m afraid you didn’t get what I showed to you. Note the lower half in my image.


    My point I will make again is that my use case was super simple. Text Pad handled my simple use case with ease.

    EmEditor, on the other hand, opened my simple playlist file in an unexpected format that introduced confusion. I realized later why it formatted my playlist the way it did (which was incorrect and does not apply). I gave up and instead used TextPad 8. I performed the operation in about two seconds.

    I can guarantee you that I will never have a need to ever do anything with CSV on my home computer.

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