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    refer to the title, thanks.


    I don’t use languages other than English, and I use a Dark Theme. You would be able to do this already like this:

    1) Save your current Config/Theme to Dark-EN
    2) Change the font for the current Config/Theme to your Japanese font of choice. Save the theme to Dark-JA.

    When you want to switch to an English document, choose the Dark-EN theme. When you want to switch to a Japanese Doc, choose the Dark-Ja theme.

    What might be nice though, is the ability to change Themes from the Drop down menu’s directly. E.g.
    “ToolsSelect Theme”

    Another Option, Further. Duplicate a given language’s highlighter and Name it LANGUAGE-NAME-JA, do the customizations as noted above.

    Now you can toggle between something like “C” and “C-JA” directly from the “Tools/Select Configuration” menu.


    thanks very much for your reply.
    sorry that i did not make it clearly.
    my case is:
    i set a english font which only has alphabet and number for a theme or category, when my document contains alphabet, number and japanese character, the alphabet and number is displayed rightly, but the japanese character is dislayed in the sysytem default font which is ugly.
    i want to know if this kind of japanese font can be set separately?

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi leo_zzz,

    Please write which OS you use. You might want to try a different font and see if you can see Japanese in your document.

    You can also try this: please run RegEdit.exe, and add “UseUniscribe” value as DWORD in the following key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEmSoftEmEditor v3Common

    and UseUniscribe = 1


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