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    > Enable Triple-Click to Select Line or Column

    But there’s no “or Column” in the CHM:

    How to select a column with triple-clicking (if the option text is correct)?

    We can send the word into the Index tab of the CHM window via “Find Macro Keyword” command.
    Is it possible to send the selected string into the Search tab of the CHM window?

    For example, Find Macro Keyword: item
    The “Topics Found” box shows the Titles. But they are all the same.
    please make such titles distinguishable. So the search can be more efficient.


    “Open Filter” (and the new one(s) ) are not added yet in this page.

    How about making the descriptions in the table identical with the “Specify Part” terms in Display Properties?
    Some of them are a little different. The “Specify Part” terms are newer and better.

    These constants (eeColorNormal, etc.) are not in the Index of the CHM.

    How about adding the Registry value names for the common options in the CHM?
    So we can know which is which easily.

    Yutaka Emura

    1. The triple-click column is obsolete now because you can now single-click the headings to select a column. I will update the option name.

    2. Currently, it is not possible.

    3. We will think about improving the titles.

    4. We are correcting the page and index of the CHM.

    5. There are so many values in the registry, but we will think about that in the future.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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