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    We need to send totally clean ASCII characters to a special printer.

    The print job can extend over several ‘pages’, for example, a particular text file might be 9-10 ‘pages’ long.

    However, only the exact ascii characters in our file should be sent to the ‘printer’ – No page breaks, no line feeds, nada

    Is there anyway to ensure that only the ascii characters in our text file are sent to the printer?

    It’s got to be a pure feed of just the ascii characters in the text file..

    We do use a Generic/Text print driver in Windows XP but there still seem to be stray characters or something thrown in and thus messing up the ‘print’ job.

    We have also tried the Frogmore raw print thingy, but there are still things interfering with a totally clean ‘print’ of the text file. (So, we’re guessing that the various text editors we’ve tried are still throwing in some chars or controls or something)

    Any suggestions most welcome

    Thanks :-)

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