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    The “Close when Finished” option in the Find dialog is very useful. But unfortunately, when you have enabled it in the Find dialog, it will also be enabled in the Replace dialog. In the Replace dialog, enabling “Close when Finished” leads to a very annoying behaviour of EmEditor: Suppose you want to selectively replace a string with another string, i.e. you want to replace some occurrences and leave others unchanged. So you press the “Find Next” button in the Replace dialog. As a result, EmEditor jumps to the first occurrence of the string. You decide that you want to replace this occurrence, so you press the “Replace” button. As a result, EmEditor will replace the occurrence of the string (that’s fine) and close the Replace dialog (that’s annoying, because after replacing the first occurrence you’ll normally want to continue searching for further occurrences in the file). So please either change that behavior or make separate settings for “Close when Finished” so that the user can permanently enable it in the Find dialog and disable it in the Replace dialog.

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