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    Your perfect editor misses a very important kind of plugin – a configurable pretty-print code formatter that would use some sort of configuration files similar to syntax files for programming languages you have now in EmEditor.

    A perfect illustration of idea is Eclipse 3 IDE for Java which permits to autoformat any section of java file with key combination Ctrl+Shift+I on selected section of text.


    Greetings Maxim,

    This can be done very easily with a macro if you have a parser or processor that can be run from the Windows command line against a file via your own custom function.

    For example, you can pass the currently selected text to a function that cleans up the code for whatever default syntax you are using.

    mysyntax = document.ConfigName;
    mycode = document.selection.Text;
    myresult = MyCleanupSyntax(mysyntax,mycode);
    document.selection.Text = myresult;

    The hard part will be finding a code-formatter that you can plug into your MyCleanupSyntax function. I am sure there are plenty available for Java-style syntax.


    Thanks, pal. Somehow I missed the possibility of writing macros. I’ll experiment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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