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    I would REALLY love to be able to have the projects and outline bars (which I have open most of the time) auto-hide when they’re not in use. I’ve seen it in many editors and usually you have a “pin” on the bar to choose whether it is permanently displayed or will auto-show/hide.

    That and the ability to have more than one bar on each side, maybe stacked on top of each other as required (would be nice to have explorer, projects, symbols and outline bars all open on one side IMHO).


    Yutaka Emura

    Hello Antnee,

    I understand, and I could do that (stackable custom bars) if I need to. However, it can lead to the bloated software. It will definitely add more size to the emeditor.exe size. That’s why I hesitate to add that feature. I would also like to hear from other users if they are interested in the stackable custom bar features even if that leads to longer launch time and larger memory size to load EmEditor.

    Thanks for your inputs!


    I for one find EmEditor to be rapid. It launches immediately on my PC (which is a few years old, though running Win7 x64 and has 6GB RAM) and runs plenty fast enough. If there was an increased memory/CPU cost I wouldn’t have a problem personally, but that’s just me :D

    Thanks for your reply


    Nope, I wouldn’t trade speed for this feature.


    Nope, I wouldn’t trade speed for this feature.



    Does it not depend on how much impact on speed it will have? If it’s a millisecond or two from time to time, you wouldn’t notice it.

    Thanks for supporting my feature request :P


    I’ve been a registered user since 2007, but haven’t used EmEditor in years due to the lack of stackable windows. Right now, you can’t have the project and outline plug-ins open at the same time without assigning each one to different parts of the screen and loosing an awful lot of space within the code editor.

    I also use editplus, which has stackable windows, and this loads as quickly as EmEditor.

    It really does seem an omission not to have these.


    Can I be cheeky and bump this please? I’m still keen on this feature


    A way that I have seen it done in other Editors and File Managers is to have the Bar collapse down on the side:

    [ ]|=============================
    r |
    e | Edit Area Here
    r |
    o |
    l |
    p |
    x |
    E |
    [ ]|

    The Explorer word is rotated left 90′, so multiple Bars/Custom bars can be enabled/shown by clicking on the vertical tab.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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