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    EE beta 8 (21.7.908) with Win 10 64bit

    1. Open “” and “”
    2. Compare “” with “”
    3. Click “UTF-8 without sign.” (the bottom-right)
    4. Select “UTF-7” or other Encodings, and then it will crash directly.

    Yutaka Emura


    I couldn’t reproduce the crash.

    Please try:

    1. Download the latest beta portable version at

    2. Try the same procedure to see if it still crashes.

    3. If it didn’t crash, try changing the settings so that you can reproduce the crash. If it crashes again, please let me know what settings you’ve changed.

    Alternatively, you can export the current settings from the currently installed EmEditor, select Reset All Settings on the Tools menu, and see if you can still reproduce the issue. Restore your settings gradually to see which settings are related to the crash.

    Thank you,


    After testing, the problem occurs if one of these two plugins is installed.

    To Simplified Chinese plug-in (64-bit)
    To Traditional Chinese plug-in (64-bit)

    Yutaka Emura

    I’ve reproduced this issue, and it will be fixed on v21.7.910.
    Thank you.

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