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    First, congratulations, this editor is really special. I have just switched from vim (after years). This should be the best compliment anyone can muster :P

    One feature request:
    First, Support R better. R is literally taking off, and editor support (any editor!) is really weak.

    If you could offer ‘function list’ plugin support, it’d be great. It should not be too difficult to create a ctags regexp for r functions. Editpad does manage to support this, although spotty.

    Maybe posting in the R-help mailing list to get people to suggest what they’d like to see would be a good idea. This community uses large files often, so they can really see the point of using emEditor. One feature that would be killer is supporting svUnit (only Komodo Edit offers this, and it’s really hackish). I know this is difficult so please disregard in favor of other features.

    Second, also, having the smooth scroll work when going from one search occurrence to another would be a major breakthrough. Only inelliJ IDEA does this (!). The experience is much improved, no disorientation. emEditor moves with adv page etc smoothly, but not with searching.

    again congratulations!

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