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    I been using another text editor and there is a feature called “Constrain the cursor to the text” that might seem a bit odd/useless at first, but it’s pretty nice when you get used to that feature. The feature might be a bit hard to explain and the easiest thing is to see how it works. One example is if you got some lines of text and your cursor is on line 1, column 6 and you type 2 characters so the cursor is located at line 1, column 8 then when you press arrow down the cursor will be located on line 2, char 6 as well instead of char 8 on line 2. The same would go for backspace so if I’m one line 1 column 6 and press backspace twice and then arrow down the cursor would end up on column 6 on line 2 as well instead of column 4. Basically when using the arrow keys to go to the line above or below the cursor will be located at the position where you started typing on the previous line. I only seen one text editor that have this feature and would be nice to see this as an optional feature in Emeditor.

    If the explanation above is a bit hard to understand i could try to give some more examples, but i guess the easiest thing is to see how this feature works.


    Even though it’s 7 years later…I definately have the same question and would like to link this thread to post #20287… This is a VERY handy feature and saves a lot of cursor movements. I usually tend to operate with the keyboard as much possible and avoid placing cursors by mouse. So if there was a way to get this feature in EmEditor…this would be absolutely lovely and I am sure that this feature wil be loved by thousands…thanks so much!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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