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    Could you add a vertical separator to the replace window? See below image. Thanks in advance.

    Yutaka Emura

    The next version will address this issue.


    How about moving the “Batch” down to the bottom, since the Replace box is quite wide now. And thus we can drag to make it even wider than side-by-side.

    And please consider “Pseudo-Maximize” behavior for such windows.
    See “Issue D” in:
    Double-clicking on title bar is more quick and convenient than dragging the border. And Maximize/Restore is much better than changing the size now and then.

    Issue 1:
    Drag to make Replace box to its minimal width.
    Open Batch.
    Drag to enlarge the width.
    Drag to minimize the width.
    Close Batch.
    The width now is not minimal.

    Issue 2:
    The TXT type exported from Batch is not correct.
    Only the “Find” column is included.


    When Batch board is open, and I drag the window border, is it possible to keep the left board width fixed?
    If not, I feel the draggable separator in the middle is still needed.

    What I expect:
    Usually I don’t want to widen the left board any more.
    I open Batch board, widen the window, then drag the middle separator to minimize the left board (so Batch board is widened more).
    Then the separator position should be saved.
    Batch board should use that width on next open.

    The above two issues still exist.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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