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    I’m evaluating EmEditor. I tested it’s claimed ability to handle big files by creating a long line of text (100K to 1M characters), and pasting it over and over in blocks. After about 700 lines 1M chars each, the program scrashes. Similar test with TextPad, (which I’ve been using for over a decade and I’m looking to replace only because of lack of Unicode support) results simply in Out of Memory message, and no crash.
    For all Emurasoft’s bragging about ability to handle big files, I’d expect better. Unfortunatelly, for me an application crash is a disqualifying offense.
    I’m running 32bit XP + SP3 + all system updates, 4GB memory.

    crash analysis:

    Symbol search path is: SRV*D:symbols*
    Executable search path is:
    ModLoad: 00400000 004ad000 C:Program FilesEmEditorEmEditor.exe
    ModLoad: 7c900000 7c9b2000 C:WINDOWSsystem32ntdll.dll
    ModLoad: 7c800000 7c8f6000 C:WINDOWSsystem32kernel32.dll
    ModLoad: 77f10000 77f59000 C:WINDOWSsystem32GDI32.dll
    ModLoad: 7e410000 7e4a1000 C:WINDOWSsystem32USER32.dll
    ModLoad: 763b0000 763f9000 C:WINDOWSsystem32COMDLG32.dll
    ModLoad: 77dd0000 77e6b000 C:WINDOWSsystem32ADVAPI32.dll
    ModLoad: 77e70000 77f02000 C:WINDOWSsystem32RPCRT4.dll
    ModLoad: 77fe0000 77ff1000 C:WINDOWSsystem32Secur32.dll
    ModLoad: 773d0000 774d3000 C:WINDOWSWinSxSx86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.2600.5512_x-ww_35d4ce83COMCTL32.dll
    ModLoad: 77c10000 77c68000 C:WINDOWSsystem32msvcrt.dll
    ModLoad: 77f60000 77fd6000 C:WINDOWSsystem32SHLWAPI.dll
    ModLoad: 7c9c0000 7d1d7000 C:WINDOWSsystem32SHELL32.dll
    ModLoad: 76390000 763ad000 C:WINDOWSsystem32IMM32.dll
    ModLoad: 774e0000 7761d000 C:WINDOWSsystem32ole32.dll
    ModLoad: 77120000 771ab000 C:WINDOWSsystem32OLEAUT32.dll
    ModLoad: 74d90000 74dfb000 C:WINDOWSsystem32USP10.dll
    ModLoad: 6dee0000 6dffb000 C:Program FilesEmEditoremedres.dll
    ModLoad: 6dea0000 6dedb000 C:Program FilesEmEditormui1033emedloc.dll
    ModLoad: 5ad70000 5ada8000 C:WINDOWSsystem32uxtheme.dll
    ModLoad: 76fd0000 7704f000 C:WINDOWSsystem32CLBCATQ.DLL
    ModLoad: 77050000 77115000 C:WINDOWSsystem32COMRes.dll
    ModLoad: 77c00000 77c08000 C:WINDOWSsystem32VERSION.dll
    ModLoad: 75cf0000 75d81000 C:WINDOWSsystem32mlang.dll
    ModLoad: 6dd50000 6dd7b000 C:Program FilesEmEditorEMREGEXP.DLL
    ModLoad: 6db80000 6db9d000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsDiff.dll
    ModLoad: 6db50000 6db71000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsExplorer.dll
    ModLoad: 6db30000 6db4d000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsFindBar.dll
    ModLoad: 6db00000 6db2a000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsHTMLBar.dll
    ModLoad: 6dae0000 6dafc000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsOpenDocuments.dll
    ModLoad: 6dac0000 6dade000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsOutlineText.dll
    ModLoad: 6da70000 6daba000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsProjects.dll
    ModLoad: 6da50000 6da6a000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsSearch.dll
    ModLoad: 6da10000 6da45000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsSnippets.dll
    ModLoad: 6d9f0000 6da0d000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsWebPreview.dll
    ModLoad: 6d9c0000 6d9f0000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsWordComplete.dll
    ModLoad: 6d9a0000 6d9bf000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsWordCount.dll
    ModLoad: 755c0000 755ee000 C:WINDOWSsystem32msctfime.ime
    ModLoad: 77920000 77a13000 C:WINDOWSsystem32SETUPAPI.dll
    ModLoad: 77b40000 77b62000 C:WINDOWSsystem32appHelp.dll
    ModLoad: 77a20000 77a74000 C:WINDOWSSystem32cscui.dll
    ModLoad: 76600000 7661d000 C:WINDOWSSystem32CSCDLL.dll
    ModLoad: 6d990000 6d992000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033Diff_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d980000 6d982000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033Explorer_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d970000 6d972000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033FindBar_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d960000 6d963000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033HTMLBar_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d950000 6d952000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033OpenDocuments_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d940000 6d942000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033OutlineText_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d930000 6d935000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033Projects_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d920000 6d922000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033Search_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d910000 6d914000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033Snippets_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d900000 6d902000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033WebPreview_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d8f0000 6d8f3000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033WordComplete_loc.dll
    ModLoad: 6d8e0000 6d8e2000 C:Program FilesEmEditorPlugInsmui1033WordCount_loc.dll
    (95c.a9c): Break instruction exception – code 80000003 (first chance)
    eax=7ffdd000 ebx=00000001 ecx=00000002 edx=00000003 esi=00000004 edi=00000005
    eip=7c90120e esp=00d1ffcc ebp=00d1fff4 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
    cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0038 gs=0000 efl=00000246
    7c90120e cc int 3
    0:002> g
    (95c.194): Unknown exception – code c0000017 (first chance)
    (95c.194): Unknown exception – code c0000017 (!!! second chance !!!)
    eax=00c9eed8 ebx=00000000 ecx=7c9101db edx=00150608 esi=00000000 edi=00000000
    eip=7c812afb esp=00c9eed4 ebp=00c9ef28 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
    cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003b gs=0000 efl=00000246
    7c812afb 5e pop esi
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for C:Program FilesEmEditorEmEditor.exe
    0:001> !analyze -v
    * *
    * Exception Analysis *
    * *

    GetPageUrlData failed, server returned HTTP status 404
    URL requested:

    7c812afb 5e pop esi

    EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff — (.exr 0xffffffffffffffff)
    ExceptionAddress: 7c812afb (kernel32!RaiseException+0x00000053)
    ExceptionCode: c0000017
    ExceptionFlags: 00000001
    NumberParameters: 0

    FAULTING_THREAD: 00000194


    PROCESS_NAME: EmEditor.exe

    ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000017 – {Not Enough Quota} Not enough virtual memory or paging file quota is available to complete the specified operation.

    EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000017 – {Not Enough Quota} Not enough virtual memory or paging file quota is available to complete the specified operation.






    LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 00401563 to 7c812afb

    00c9ef28 00401563 c0000017 00000001 00000000 kernel32!RaiseException+0x53
    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    00c9ef64 004020cb 011808a0 000f4240 7ff70138 EmEditor+0x1563
    00c9efac 0040eb34 009f5780 23e43f58 00000000 EmEditor+0x20cb
    00c9f944 0040f33a 009f5d04 7df70030 00c9fa30 EmEditor+0xeb34
    00c9f9c0 0040ef5a 009f5780 00c9fa38 00ef003c EmEditor+0xf33a
    00c9f9f8 0040f5c2 009f5780 00c9fa38 00ef003c EmEditor+0xef5a
    00c9fa40 0045f75f 009f5d04 00000000 00000000 EmEditor+0xf5c2
    00c9fa88 0045f8f5 003b8ae0 00000000 00000000 EmEditor+0x5f75f
    00c9fcec 00470006 00011021 00000000 00000001 EmEditor+0x5f8f5
    00c9fd50 00470453 003b8ae0 00000111 00011021 EmEditor+0x70006
    00c9fd74 7e418734 000602b2 00000111 00011021 EmEditor+0x70453
    00c9fda0 7e418816 004703ec 000602b2 00000111 USER32!InternalCallWinProc+0x28
    00c9fe08 7e428ea0 00000000 004703ec 000602b2 USER32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x150
    00c9fe5c 7e428eec 00702008 00000111 00011021 USER32!DispatchClientMessage+0xa3
    00c9fe84 7c90e473 00c9fe94 00000018 00702008 USER32!__fnDWORD+0x24
    00c9fea8 7e42fb07 7e4366c8 000602b2 000204fb ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x13
    00c9fec0 00424fbc 000602b2 000204fb 00c9ff38 USER32!NtUserTranslateAccelerator+0xc
    00c9ff50 00479289 00c9ff10 00c9eb00 00c9ff98 EmEditor+0x24fbc
    00c9ff70 00474d40 003b5998 40d9c939 00000000 EmEditor+0x79289
    00c9ffa8 00474de8 00000000 00c9ffec 7c80b729 EmEditor+0x74d40
    00c9ffb4 7c80b729 009e3f78 00000000 00000000 EmEditor+0x74de8
    00c9ffec 00000000 00474d66 009e3f78 00000000 kernel32!BaseThreadStart+0x37

    00401563 c20400 ret 4


    SYMBOL_NAME: EmEditor+1563

    FOLLOWUP_NAME: MachineOwner

    MODULE_NAME: EmEditor


    STACK_COMMAND: ~1s ; kb


    IMAGE_NAME: C:Program FilesEmEditorEmEditor.exe

    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: STATUS_NO_MEMORY_c0000017_C:_Program_Files_EmEditor_EmEditor.exe!Unknown


    Followup: MachineOwner

    0:001> lmvm EmEditor
    start end module name
    00400000 004ad000 EmEditor (no symbols)
    Loaded symbol image file: C:Program FilesEmEditorEmEditor.exe
    Image path: C:Program FilesEmEditorEmEditor.exe
    Image name: EmEditor.exe
    Timestamp: Thu Feb 18 12:38:03 2010 (4B7D890B)
    CheckSum: 000B5BC9
    ImageSize: 000AD000
    File version:
    Product version:
    File flags: 0 (Mask 3F)
    File OS: 4 Unknown Win32
    File type: 1.0 App
    File date: 00000000.00000000
    Translations: 0000.04b0
    CompanyName: Emurasoft, Inc.
    ProductName: EmEditor
    InternalName: EmEditor
    OriginalFilename: EMEDITOR.EXE
    ProductVersion: 9, 1, 3, 0
    FileVersion: 9, 1, 3, 0
    FileDescription: EmEditor
    LegalCopyright: Copyright (C) 1997-2009 by Emurasoft, Inc.


    Yutaka Emura

    I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience with EmEditor. Reliability and robustness are our top priority, and no features are more important than reliability and robustness. I will try to reproduce your issue and will fix it as soon as possible.

    If you want to create a very large file from scratch, by gradually increasing the size by adding a block of text, you might want to save the file at the point it reaches more than 300MB, and then reload the file and then you can continue your work more safely. 300MB is the default minimum size for EmEditor to use a temporary file to manage a very large file. Even if you reload the file, and if it still crashes, then you might need to adjust this size. This threshold size can be adjusted in the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box. If EmEditor still crashes, then you might need to enter a smaller number, like 100MB. Then next time you open that large file (>100MB), EmEditor shouldn’t crash because it will open the file using a temporary file and will not rely only on the virtual memory.

    Nevertheless, EmEditor shouldn’t crash because of no memory situation, but it should display a dialog box to allow you to cancel the task gracefully. I sincerely apologize for this issue, and will try to fix this issue as soon as possible. I do appreciate your inputs. If you have further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks again.

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