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    Trying to use multiple editor instances (like TextPad) I discovered “groups”, and they are great, except… I cannot simply create a new one. I have to create a new doc and then move it to a new group. And to make it worse EmEditor will not allow me to create multiple new blank docs.
    Am I missing something?
    My workflow:
    Say I have several Windows Explorer windows with search results, and I want to open files from each search result in a separate editor “group”. Currently I have to start EmEditor, and drag-drop first group of files on it. Now I have to create a new file (Ctrl-N) and move it to a new group (I assigned Ctrl-W for that). Now I drag-drop the second group of files onto the second EmEditor window. And if I have more file groups to open, I have to repeat the process of creating a new blank tab and moving it to a new window.
    It would be easier if I could simply create new groups (as many as I want).

    Could you please make it easier?
    For example, add a true “create a new group” feature that will not move existing tab, but simply create a new window with or without a blank doc.


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