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    Pepper Mint


    I wish to use EmEditor as my main editor for CSV files. I’d like to work with CSV files the same way I do using Microsoft Excel. I tried experimenting for hours but I keep getting strange characters and inconsistent results. Could you tell me what I need to do to achieve the following abilities?

    1. Enter a cell, insert text, inset a new line WITHIN the cell, and keep typing more text
    2. Make all the rows the same height such as 20 pixels tall.
    3. resize all the columns to be the same width

    So this would be an example of what I’m after

    Pepper Mint

    [making new post since I can’t edit original]

    I had a csv working using “comma separated” and “cell mode” turned on. I was able to insert new lines inside a cell using ctrl+enter key so that was good.

    when I saved it asked me what format, I guess I picked the wrong one, because multi line content in a single cell got turned into content spread across multiple lines. What format am I supposed to save in? BTW, the csv looks fine in Microsoft Excel.

    How do I resize columns? I’d like to see all the columns of data at a glance. Thanks again.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello Pepper Mint,

    EmEditor currently shows embedded newlines as reversed ‘MJ’, and you can’t show these as shown in the Cell toolbar.

    I am not sure about your second question regarding “what format”? Are you asking about Excel format you have to choose when you open the CSV file with Excel?

    You can resize the columns by selecting the “Column Separators” button -> “Adjust Separator Positions (Whole Document)” in the CSV/Sort toolbar.


    Pepper Mint

    Thanks. Yutaka.

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