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    Issue 1:
    Hope the “Menu to Customize” list will expand in height when the dialog box is taller.

    Issue 2:
    Select any (Command/Popup/Separator) item in a menu.
    Open its Properties.
    Click “OK”.
    ** The item now has the node image [+].

    Issue 3:
    Select a Command/Separator item in a menu.
    Open its Properties.
    Switch it to Popup.
    Click “OK”.
    ** “Insert Right” button should be enabled instantly.

    Open its Properties again.
    ** The Popup item (though empty) can not be switched to Command/Separator.

    Issue 4:
    Add these 2 commands in an empty User Menu: (Note the order.)
    Recent Files to Open.
    New Text. (Or any command that has shortcut key.)

    Open this User Menu. (Note that the menu shows the shortcut key.)
    Pin at least 1 item.
    Ensure that the “More…” submenu has at least 2 items.

    Open the menu again.
    ** Now the menu does not show the shortcut key.

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