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    Hi Yutaka.

    I have an macro with an “document.selection.Find()” command.
    For my macro it is normal that nothing is found sometimes.
    That are not the question here anyway.

    The question is how can i disable this ding sound for
    not-found, just for the time the macro is running only?

    I have found
    “Customize dialog box – Window tab > Play Sound to Alert check box”
    but i want to disable the ding sound not generally
    but for the macro only.

    Therefor I have searched and tried
    analog to “cfg = document.Config;”
    to use something like
    cfg = document.Customize;
    nCurrent = cfg.Window.PlaySoundToAlert;
    cfg.Window.PlaySoundToAlert = 0;

    cfg.Window.PlaySoundToAlert = nCurrent;

    but that “Customize” seems to be not supported
    to be modified from an macro?

    So, since it is normal that my macro search something
    which could be not found, because it is simple not there,
    and so EE alerts me with an sound, which is fine while
    working normal but not while using my macro,
    because it seems this ding sound indicates that my macro
    wants to alert an problem: how can i disable that sound temporarily?

    Thank you!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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