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    I use EmEditor to view log files. When they are updated by another program, a dialog pops up to suggest user to reload. This works great for me most of time. However when I’m viewing a rapidly updating log file, this dialog keep popping up. I have to dismiss it with ‘No’ repeatly and fight with it when it keep coming back. It effective blocks me from doing anything with that file.

    Is it possible for me to say no once, then stopping asking me again until I reload the file?


    Wai Yip

    Yutaka Emura

    You can change settings from Properties > File tab > Changed by Another Program drop-down list.


    Thank you for your response. I have somehow missed the notifcation.

    Yes, I can turn off the prompting altogether with the property dialog. But usually I don’t want that. Only in certain scenario like reading a constantly changing log file would I be bugged by the prompt.

    Ideally I want ‘No’ to mean no for all subsequence file changes. Only if I manually reload the file should it resume checking for file changes.

    Wai Yip


    In addition to this post, I’d like to suggest to implement checking for changes immediately after switching to the document opened.

    The reason: I have the setting of checking set to 1 second, and even this is not enough. It is often happens that I switch to the document which has been changed some time ago (but has not been checked yet, because it was not active), then I begin typing, and only after 1 second EE suddenly asks me to reload the document. Now I can either reload and lose all I’ve just typed (not much, of course, but it’s not a pleasure), or leave it non-reloaded, copy the new text into the clipboard, then reload manually, then paste the copied text. Both variants are very inconvenient.

    So, it would be much better if there was one more setting near the “Monitor interval”, something like a checkbox “Check immediately after switching”. And in addition, it would be nice to have possibility to set the “Monitor interval” value to zero, which would mean “no monitoring” (there is no much sense in this, because you can set “Ignore” in the combobox above, but it would have sense if the option I suggested above is implemented).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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