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    1. 1. Open some file which has no associated configuration in EE (in my situation I was editing an SVG file which is actually an XML). It should open in configuration Text.
    2. 2. Change configuration to something more appropriate, XML in my case.
    3. 3. Call the “Save As” function, save the file under different name but with the same extension.

    Result: since the extension is still not associated in EE, the configuration is reset back into Text.

    This is a bit inconvenient. I know I can associate SVG into XML configuration, but there are awful lots of files that have different extensions but really are simple XMLs, and adding them all is tedious. So for one-time job it’s easier to just select configuration manually once (actually, I wrote a script that automatically selects the XML configuration when I open a file which looks like XML, but it is not called when I save the file under different name, and I couldn’t find the apropriate event for it).

    As I understand it, after saving the new file EE tries to select the configuration for it by the configured association rules. So, my suggestion is: If association rule was not found for both original file and the new file, and the new file extension is identical to that of the original file, then the currently selected configuration should not be reset.

    The condition of missing rule for the original file guarantees that the configuration was changed manually by the user (or script), and when user just saves the file under different name with the same extension he would expect that highlighting scheme remains unchanged.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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