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    Yang Yang

    Hello Yutaka,

    It’s a great pleasure to see the Find Toolbar has been built into the core and significantly enhanced compared to v10. Nice work!

    After a while, it’s a little surprise to me that text entered in the Find/Replace dialogs is automatically synchronized into the Find toolbar, even if no find or replace is performed (just press Esc). On the other hand, text endtered in the Find toolbar is not synchronized back into the Find/Replace dialogs. (This inconsistency is not that important, though.) EmEditor v10 didn’t synchronize in either direction.

    I’ve been a fond user of the Find toolbar since ever, in the same way as old VC6’s Ctrl-D. It always stays visible, reminding me of something important in a quiet yet convenient manner. It’s a varible that changes when I opt to (control freak here…). In contrast, the Find/Replace dialogs auto-fills the search phrase and are far less stable. It feels so streamlined to do something ad-hoc with the dialogs and return to the editor with Find toolbar untouched. But the automatic synchronization totally defeats this habit with no obvious benefit.

    Is it possible to add an option to disable such synchronization, please?

    Thanks a million.


    Yutaka Emura

    I just need to clarify. Do you want the Find toolbar history (and the currently visible string in the Find toolbar) NOT copied from the Find dialog box?


    Yang Yang

    Right. I think the Find toolbar’s current value and history should not (better not) be modified whenever Ctrl-F or Ctrl-H is used.

    When these Find/Replace utilities were designed, what’s the assumed way to differentiate between them? Here is my habit:

    Use the Find toolbar for “valuable search”, including:

    – Phrases used again and again, like “TODO” in the source code.
    – Something hard to get right at once, like regular expressions. (Edited elsewhere and pasted into Find toolbar.)
    – Quick short memo, noticeable whenever I raise my eyes or press Ctrl-D. (Dangerous abuse, but it works perfectly.)

    On the other hand, Ctrl-F is also used often, but mostly for one-shot things. Its current value (and history) mean much less, partly because it’s hidden for most of the time, and partly because it automatically picks up the word at caret. (For v10, there may be a bug with the Find dialog that causes some regexp search phrases to be lost in the history. But that has become history. 🙂 )

    Therefore, synchronizing values in between totally destroys this habit, with seemingly no benefit in return.

    I sincerely wish there could be an option to stop it. After using v16.9 for one day I’ve become deeply afraid of Ctrl-F and Ctrl-H. 🙂


    Yang Yang

    And sorry for making it this long, twice. But it’s a real pain to see Find toolbar’s content dance around. 🙁


    Yang Yang

    If this could be implemented, please don’t synchronize Find/Replace flags either. There is real benefit in optionally keeping these Find/Replace utilities independent of each other. Thanks again.


    Yutaka Emura

    I understand that you want two histories (Find dialog box and Find toolbar) completely separately saved.


    Yutaka Emura

    Added the Synchronize History with Find/Replace Dialog Boxes check box to the Search page of the Customize dialog box on v17.0.0 beta 2.


    Yang Yang


    I just found a bug with this feature (v17.0.2). To reproduce:

    1. Disable the synchronization.
    2. Ctrl+F, type “hello”, and hit enter. “hello” won’t appear in the Find toolbar. Nice!
    3. Close EmEditor and reopen it.
    4. “hello” appears in the Find toolbar.


    Yutaka Emura

    This option does NOT completely separate those two histories (Find dialog box and Find toolbar) as there is only one container to save. Therefore, these two histories will be eventually merged into one. I will think about making them completely separate in future versions.



    Currently, if disable synchronization, it will cause another side effect.
    For example, two lines of “abcdef”, and Find Dialog Box “>” button : Find drop-down list box = “Selected Text”
    1. Use Find Toolbar to find “abc
    2. Press Ctrl + F, use Find Dialog Box to find “def
    3. Close Find Dialog Box
    4. Press F3, expect to find the previously searched string “def“, but it will find “abc“.
    5. Besides, Press Ctrl + F again, click “V” button try to get back Find history, but the previously searched string “def” is gone.

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