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    I often handle CSV or text files with different separators. Sometimes, the separator is comma or tab , at this moment, I can use CSV or TSV mode very easily.
    However, there’re also some files with the separator such as semi-comma(;) or equal(=) or | . In current version of Emeditor, I have to change separator in settings each time in order to handle the files correctly. Is it possible to set several separators for DSV mode. For example, I input ; | =, then Emeditor can recognize the separator one by one. If the file include lots of (=), then split columns as =. If the file include both (=) or (;), it should let customer choose.

    Or, change the mind. Currently, only one DSV mode is available. Is it possible to Add DSV1, DSV2 and DSV3 and get rid of DSV? Set different separator for each of them?

    I don’t know if I express clearly? Sorry for my poor English.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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