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    Search with “a” in window 1.
    Search with “b” in window 2.
    Then use “Find Next” command in window 1. It still searches with “a”.

    Now, in either window, select “c” and run this macro:
    document.selection.Find( document.selection.Text, eeFindNext | eeFindSaveHistory );
    Now use “Find Next” command in another window.
    ** It searches with “c”.

    Yutaka Emura

    This is a complicated issue.

    Usually a search in one window affects a search in another window.

    However, if the search in another window is done in the Find dialog and the Find dialog is not closed, or if the search if done in the Find toolbar, and the toolbar is still visible, it might behave otherwise.

    Please don’t assume either way.

    If this is a very important to you, please write exactly how you search in both windows.



    I usually search via the Find toolbar, and never hide it (unless I want to synchronize the search between windows).

    And because EmEditor has no quick way to reset the search options, I have to use a macro, which searches for the current selection using my default search settings (i.e. resets the search options and does a new search with one step).
    I use this macro very frequently and for years. But (with the Find toolbar visible) I didn’t notice that it (eeFindSaveHistory) would synchronize the search between windows, until these days.
    So I guess if this is a regression introduced by the new changes of the macro functionality.

    If it’s not the case, maybe the exact topic should be:
    “Find Previous/Next” command should always follow the search in the current window.

    Default settings.
    In window 1: Search for “a” in Find toolbar.
    In window 2: Search for “b” in Find dialog.
    In window 1: Use “Find Previous/Next” command. (Not the buttons in Find toolbar !)
    In window 1:
    ** It searches for “b”, while Find toolbar still shows “a”.

    What “Find Previous/Next” command searches for is different from what the Find toolbar shows. This could be misleading.

    So, in my case, is it possible to make “Find Previous/Next” command always follow the Find toolbar?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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