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    This is something I want for a long time. I finally have clearer idea how it could integrate with EmEditor. I do a lot of interactive development with Python (or any other dynamic language). You are working with a command line prompt. It is great to try out a few command and get the result immediately. If it is not working correctly, you edit the command to fine tune it until you get it right. But if you do anything more than a few lines this will become difficult to enter line by line. So you group them into a script (very similar process as grouping commands into .bat file). Or you open an editor and try to cut and paste a group of command into the command window. The reason is your text editor has much rich edit function. On the other hand you are still in experimentation and exploration mode when you only trying out a few lines of command without the formality of writing a full program.

    This workflow can perfectly integrate with emeditor if we can embed a command prompt into the OutputBar. We can use an document an a scratch pad for editing, then cut & paste or write a macro to send the text to the command prompt as input and get result immediately.

    I wonder how close can EmEditor do this. Is it possible to accomplish this by writing some macro?

    I have read an older thread

    macro to execute external tool with prompts

    The purpose is similar. But instead of running a batch program, the prompt should remain interactive.

    If we can do that, the next step will be having multiple command prompts organize under tabs :-D

    Yutaka Emura


    You might want to try the Snippets plug-in. Please see the “Shell Codes” section of the Help page:

    Using this syntax:

    `- appname

    will allow you to edit the parameters to pass to your console application. I hope this helps.


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