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    When a file a located on a network drive is open in EmEditor after the network connection is lost or disconnected, EmEditor “hangs” when attempting to activate the file (to close it, for example). The program eventually recovers, but takes a long time.

    Steps to recreate:
    1) open a file on a network share (e.g. hostsharefoo.txt) in EmEditor
    2) edit a different file in EmEditor
    3) disconnect from network
    3) try to switch to the file located on the network share to close it

    Does this have something to do with “changed by another program” function?


    Wow, this is an old post, but still applicable..

    I have been using EmEditor through a few versions now and I keep waiting for this issue to be resolved.
    I find that I open files on my laptop for review while connected to my work network. I finish for the day and go home, I open my laptop any try to work on or create a file and I find that the EmEditor is hung because it can’t find the network path. I have to forcibly close it and restart it to be able to use it. It can be a problem if I have files unsaved when I force it down.

    This would be a good fix to implement. Thanks..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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