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    Jeffrey Sab

    Hi there. Thank you very much for EmEditor!
    I use it quite a bit. :)

    I use so many different text editors (symptom of ADHD or something). Can never settle, and i think it helps my workflow to change between windows and not get bored. Forgive me for not recognizing specifically when EmEditor matured into having Code Folding / the Outline feature. I know it has at least been updated from a previous facilitated by a plugin.

    In any case. My issue is as follows. Not unlike using different editors, I also take advantage of the ability to use different “themes” / configurations of the editor area appearance. I often like a “light” theme. In my experience– Even with the default EmEditor standard style– the Outline guide is not visible unless the theme is a dark theme, whereby the (white?) Outline guide contrasts against a dark background. I’ve attached screenshots to demonstrate.

    My Custom Light Theme - Outline guide invisible.
    EmEditor Default dark theme - Outline guide is visible

    The functionality is NOT affected, but it’s less practical when it’s invisible.
    I checked this website for resources / references to this issue, but haven’t seen it specifically addressed. My apologies if this is a duplicate of any other reports of this concern.

    Best regards!

    Yutaka Emura


    In the Display page of configuration properties, you can select “Outline” in the “Specify Part” list, and set the text color for this item. I hope this helps.

    Jeffrey Sab

    Hello Mr Emura. Thank you very much for this information. I was able to set the color. I notice that it is affected by the “Underline Color” setting, and the “Style” (e.g. Thick Line) is applied as well.

    Showing Outline Guide Colored

    Thank you and best wishes!

    Jeffrey Sab

    (URL provided in lieu of whether to embed)
    Brief movie: EmEditor > Conf Props > Display > Outline
    This customization is pretty cool! Ha!

    I’m really pleased I know how to do that now. I realize it probably seems simple-minded, but being able to adjust stuff like that sometimes really helps me to set my mind straight.
    Check out the screen recording! You’ll be able to see how it’s working for me. I’m not certain that I’m doing it correctly, but I’ve managed to gain control of it to suit my desire.
    Aside: Obviously bright green is probably not a color someone is going to select for the outline guide (as depicted in my movie), but I thought it would be most adequate for illustrative purposes.

    Cheers! Thanks again!

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