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    Yutaka Emura

    EmEditor Professional 7.00 beta 29 is available for download. The new features include:

    – The Word Complete plug-in now works multithreading, and it does now slow normal editing.
    – In the Word Complete plug-in Properties, “Refresh Rate” slider was added to the Dictionaries tab, and “Delay Time” slider was added to the Options tab.
    – Progress dialog now appears during searching, and EmEditor now allows you to cancel the search.
    – Java keywords updated.
    – Fixed bugs in beta 28.

    Since this is a beta version, it might include bugs, and therefore please install only test machines.

    EmEditor Professional 7.00 beta 29 (Installer):

    The portable version can be produced from the Import/Export wizard on the Tools menu after you use the installer. However, the portable version runs slower than one using the Registry.

    See for the list of new features.
    Also, See the history page of the Help after you download and install the new version.

    If you tried, please post any bug reports or any other feedback on this forum. Thank you!

    Note: We will NOT add new features any more until Version 7 release, and will focus on optimization and bug fixes (except when necessary to support huge files).


    in beta29 i have next glitch:

    1) Select in explorer 2 or more C++ files.
    2) Move its to EmEditor icon.
    Result = collapse all text in EmEditor window.
    If i opened C++ files with Emeditor “Open” dialog, or open these files without highlighting, there are no glitches.

    P.S. (Last editing)
    Sorry, there are temporary glitch.
    I have it sometime with all C++ files.


    (1)About search speed in huge file.
    The target file size is 100mb.(200,000 rows)

    When i search a single string(10 bytes, not regex),
    emeditor take about 8 or 9 seconds to find the
    string.(locate at 160,000 row).

    Compare to Notepad.
    Although it cost long time to open the file,
    but it take about 1 or 2 seconds to find the same string.

    (2)About script tag color syntax

    this can show color syntax.(use vbscript color syntax)

    this can not show color syntax.(should use csharp color syntax)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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