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    Yutaka Emura

    EmEditor Professional 9.00 alpha 19 is available for download. Updates from v9.00 alpha 18 include:

    – The project plug-in now allows you to use a fixed tag file. You can specify the fixed tag file name in the Symbol tab of Solution Template Properties.
    – Characters specified in the “Treat the following characters as alphanumeric” text box in the Customize dialog box now work with Find/Replace.
    – Changed the default regular expression for auto indent for Ruby.
    – Outline plug-in can collapse comments (Make Comments Collapsible check box in the Outline plug-in Properties).

    Please download (English, 32-bit) (English, 64-bit)

    The portable version can be produced from the Import/Export wizard on the Tools menu after you use the installer. However, the portable version runs slower than the one using the Registry.

    The Help has not been updated. Please let me know earlier rather than later if you have any bug reports or comments. Thanks!


    Thanks so much for the collapsable comments!
    This increases usability a lot for long files!

    Is there any way to set emeditor to always have comments collapsed (maybe per filetype setting)? And a shortcut to toggle them would be killer.

    Also, one feature that is very useful is to have ‘manual’ fold settings.
    In vim, this is done like this:
    # this is beginning of a section we want to fold {{{
    code = here () {

    # }}}

    then, pressing a shortcut on the area folds the section. The interesting thing is that the marks are in the comments, so other editors would not mind.


    a bug (maybe).
    Looking at the left outline, on a java file where only one class exists, the list shows only that class, i.e., no methods inside. Is that what was intended? If so, it works, but maybe it’d be more interesting to see a tree of folds in the outline view.


    just tested the new ctags behavior. Just great!
    One problem I’m having though:

    When I doubleclick a function in the symbol list that is in a different file, em opens the file, but it doesn’t teleport me to where the function starts. It is highlighted, but I have to move there manually. A bit of a problem.

    Is there any way to teleport to the part of the file where the function starts?



    also, tag jump (F10) doesn’t seem to work. I’m using R, with my own ctags regular experession. To replicate behavior, just put on your ctags.cfg:

    –regex-r=/^[ t]*([a-zA-Z0-9_.]+)[ |t]*:?(<-)[ |t]*:?function/1/f, function/

    Then, call ctags -R on the same directory where your R project is.

    Also, the “go back to previous edit location” doesn’t seem to work (ctrl + ,). It has a memory of 1 (!) which is a silly limitation. How do people work without missing this functionality?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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