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    Yutaka Emura

    EmEditor Professional v10 beta 7 (9.90.7) is available for download.

    Updates from beta 6 include:

    – Default PHP highlight strings were updated to the latest PHP function list.

    – “Multiline” command was added to the “>” menu on the File/Replace dialogs, and “=” button was removed.

    – Tab order was changed in the Replace/Find in Files/Replace in Files dialogs.

    – “Dotted Line” was added to the “Style” drop-down list in the “Display” tab of configuration properties.

    – “Horizontal Grid” was added to the “Scroll” tab of configuration properties.

    – The global option was added to the Snippets plug-in regular expression.

    – “Automatically Hide the List when Only One Candidate is Matched” checkbox was added to the “Options” tab of Word Complete plug-in Properties.

    For details of other new features and screenshots of EmEditor Professional 10, please see:

    Please download: (32-bit) (64-bit)

    It is recommended that you uninstall previous v9 before you install a new version.

    This beta version is free. It doesn’t require you to enter a registration key, and anyone can use this beta version without purchase. This version expires on May 31, 2010. Before this date, you will need to update to then newer version, or purchase the release version.

    The portable version can be produced from the Import/Export wizard on the Tools menu after you use the installer. However, the portable version runs slower than the one using the Registry.

    Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or bug reports in this forum.

    Thank you for trying EmEditor beta versions!


    oh,the beta versions Snippets plug-in can’t work…

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello robben,

    Thanks for trying beta 7.

    I am very sorry that the Snippets plug-in didn’t work on beta 7. I fixed this issue, and will release beta 8 soon.

    Thanks again!


    I gave it a try today and found a usability problem.

    1. Open Configuration Properties dialog, Display tab.
    2. Select any theme (e.g. “EmEditor Standard”), change anything -> new theme “EmEditor Standard (modified)” is created.
    3. Select Rename from the “>” button menu, give some different name.
    4. The original “EmEditor Standard” theme is also renamed.

    From the interface organization I expected, that a copy of the theme was created, and that I renamed it, but it seems that the theme is not changed, and that the new item in the list refers to the same theme (since it returns back when I select Save). I think, something should be done to make it more obvious that “… (modified)” is not the new theme.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello Flint,

    Thanks for using EmEditor Professional!

    I modified the code so that “Rename” would not delete the original theme when the theme is modified. It might be not perfect, but I think it is better now.

    Thank you,

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