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    Yutaka Emura

    EmEditor Professional v10 RC 9 (9.90.18) is available for download.

    Updates from RC 8 include:

    – bug fixes
    – The trial version is released. The trial version doesn’t require a v10 key, but it has 30 minute time limit. It can continue to run after restart up to 30 days. The trial version disables update checker, and it doesn’t allow you to change the plug-in folder.
    – The following sections were added to the EULA.
    4. LICENSEE agrees that he or she must obtain a license for each computer he or she installs the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on. Therefore, a license is needed for each terminal computer on a network, including remote terminal computers.

    5. The LICENSEE may install a second copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT for his or her exclusive use on either a portable computer or a computer located at his or her home, provided that the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on the portable or home computer is not used at the same time as the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on the primary computer.

    6. The LICENSEE may install as a second copy of the SOFTWARE for his or her exclusive use on a virtual PC on the same host computer on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is installed.

    7. If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is for personal usage and not installed on corporate computers, the LICENSEE can install up to 5 computers for his or her exclusive use only.

    8. If this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is installed on a portable drive such as a USB drive, one portable drive equals to one computer as described in Section 4, 5, 6, and 7.

    For details of other new features and screenshots of EmEditor Professional 10, please see:

    Please download: (32-bit, v10 key required) (64-bit, v10 key required) (32-bit, trial, no key required)

    It is recommended that you uninstall previous v9 before you install a new version.

    This RC version requires you to enter a registration key for v10 except for the trial version. Please go to Emurasoft Customer Center , and go to Purchase History to request a new registration key for v10.

    This version expires on June 30, 2010. Before this date, you will need to update to then newer version, or purchase the release version.

    Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 SP4/Server 2008/Server 2003

    The portable version can be produced from the Import/Export wizard on the Tools menu after you use the installer. However, the portable version runs slower than the one using the Registry.

    Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or bug reports in this forum.

    Thank you for trying EmEditor RC versions!

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