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    Yutaka Emura

    EmEditor Professional v11 RC 2 (10.9.3) is available for download.

    The updates from beta 2 include:
    – Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS) is now supported. (Supporting fonts are needed.)
    – UI language translations.
    – Boost version 1.47
    – Hunspell version 1.3.1
    – Bug fixes.

    New features include Markers, Tooltip to show HTML/XML character references, Find toolbar, and Batch Replace.

    For details of new features and screenshots of EmEditor Professional 11, please see:

    Please download: (32-bit) (64-bit)

    These versions work with your registration key for v10.

    Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 SP4/Server 2008/Server 2003

    The portable version can be produced from the Import/Export wizard on the Tools menu after you use the installer. However, the portable version runs slower than the one using the Registry.

    EmEditor Professional 11 is available free for all users who have purchased EmEditor Professional v4 – v10 and registered the product before November 1, 2011 at Emurasoft Customer Center! To read the entire news, please see:

    Please don’t hesitate to write any comments or bug reports in this forum.

    Thank you for trying EmEditor beta versions!


    Just going through my reported bugs/comments with the latest beta…

    1) The character code now is not shown now when more than one character is selected.

    Could you make it so that it updates in real-time as the selection changes, and shows either the character to the right of the selection (much like it normally shows the character to the right of the cursor), or the last character in the selection.

    This can be useful when you want to select up to a specific character code.

    2) There is a minor highlighting problem related to incremental search. To reproduce,
    – create a new document with the first line empty, the second with “cf abcde cd” (no quotes) and the third line empty.
    – Open up the Find dialog and enable Incremental search
    – Click mouse cursor on first line
    – Search for “cd” and press Enter
    – Search for “abcde” and press Enter
    – Now use the drop-down to keep alternating the search between “cd” and “abcde”

    — After searching for “abcde”, it will sometimes highlight correctly, but other times will not clear the previous search (so either “cd” will still be highlighted, or the “cd” in “abcde” will be grey rather than the highlight colour)

    3) incremental highlighting not updated when Find Dialog option changed. eg. Match case checkbox is enabled/disabled. Using above example, try searching for “ABCDE” and then enable Match Case and it will still match “abcde”

    4) Only one match is highlighted when the regex search contains r. eg. If you have multiple lines of the following format “ABCDE: .abc3;.s32”, and have incremental search enabled, all matching lines are highlighted with a regex of “: +([[:alnum:];.]+)”, but only a single match is highlighted with “: +([[:alnum:];.]+)n”


    The problem with ignoring r is still present –

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi Deipotent,

    1) This is the specification according to a customer’s request. If only one character is selected and the mouse cursor is at the end (right) of the selection, the status bar shows the character code to the right of the selection even though the different character is selected. Thus we already changed the specification according to the customer’s request.

    2) I reproduce this behavior, but this not a bug. It simply cannot find the next string so the selection is not changed. Some users would be unhappy if the selection changes when no string is found. Highlighting is correct.

    3) This is the specification. It is difficult to describe, but highlighting would not change just by changing the options. You will need to change the text in order to change the highlighting.

    4) Currently, EmEditor cannot highlight more than one line of strings (or including a new line). Since “: +([[:alnum:];.]+)n” includes a new line ‘n’, it cannot highlight the string.

    Thank you!


    1) As I suggested, can you make it show the character code when more than one character is selected, as the current specification just shows nothing which is not useful.

    2) But why does it leave the highlight from the previous search, as well as highlight the new search ?

    3) I can understand if incremental highlighting is disabled, but when enabled it would be preferable IMO to immediately redo the search with the new options (ie. Match Case, Regex). At the moment you force the user to perform multiple steps to redo the search with the new option – ie. a user would change an option, delete/add a character in the search pattern, and then re-add/delete the character to perform the search again. Why not just automatically redo the search ?

    NOTE: This only applies if one of the options is changed and Incremental search is enabled.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi Deipotent,

    2) In my words, “Highlight” means the red-green highlight. “selection” means the light-blue text. If you switch between “cd” and “abcde” and if no match is found, the “selection” is not changed, but the “highlight” is correctly switched. This is the correct behavior.

    3) If EmEditor performs the search every time you click “Match Case” or “Regex”, the selection may proceed to the next occurrence. This may be inconvenience to some users.


    2) I’ll double check exactly what I see and maybe put together a video.

    3) Couldn’t you just re-run the search from the beginning of the current match, so it won’t move unless it no longer matches. It would only do this when incremental search was enabled. I’m assuming that if someone changes the option, it’s because they want to run the search with that option.


    Hey folks!

    I still didn’t download and tried any of these Beta versions, but I thought to pitch in with my two bits…

    An immediate redo of any check with a change in the options is a mixed blessing. You sometimes what to change more than one. So the immediate response after just one change might be distracting or even irritating. Take for example the Visual Basic’s continuous, on-line syntax analysis: you start an edit on one line only to see another thing to be fixed on a second line. You leave the current line and suddenly a syntax error pops up and you have to acknowledge it. Irritating!

    Just my thoughts…


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