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    Yutaka Emura

    Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v13 RC 1 (12.9.13).

    From this version, a new v13 registration key is necessary. To find how to upgrade your products, please go to:

    For more details, please go to:

    Updates from beta 12 include:
    – Support for HTML5 charset declaration.
    – The MinimalZen theme was added to the Display tab of configuration properties. The MinimalZen was developed by ToadLoading.
    – Updated all UI languages.
    – Fixed other bugs.

    Please see EmEditor Professional v13 New Features.

    === To Download ===

    Please click one of the links below to download. The Update Checker is not available for beta versions. (32-bit installer) (64-bit installer) (32-bit portable)


    To change from EmEditor Professional to EmEditor Free, select the Quick Launch (CTRL+Q) on the Tools menu, type “downgrade”, and press Enter twice. To change from EmEditor Free to EmEditor Professional, select the Quick Launch (CTRL+Q) on the Tools menu, type “upgrade”, and press Enter twice.

    Thank you for continue using EmEditor!



    Bad upgrade experience

    I have upgraded to RC1 by overwriting my v13 beta12 files
    (which had a valid v12 key).

    (But I guess it is the same with upgrading from v12?)

    Immediately I got a message “You need a new key for v13.”
    I denied visiting the web page for a new key yet
    (while being in a customer’s network not to be used for private issues).

    Next I got a message “30 day trial period is over.”.
    As I am not able to get my key right now I close the dialog
    and my installation was downgraded to free version.

    (“Ctrl+Q > Upgrade” last only for three seconds. Then I get the above message again)

    If you found a valid older key, give the customer a grace period to upgrade the key to v13.

    No big problem for myself, as tomorrow I will have
    my key with me, and for today I go back to my backup.

    Thank you for making EmEditor.

    Yutaka Emura


    You probably used the portable version of EmEditor. If you use the installer, the installer will warn you about the new key requirement during the installation, and there is 30-day grace period. However, if you just overwrite files using the portable version, there is no way for EmEditor to detect when you started to use v13, and EmEditor won’t be able to give you a grace period. Please use the Installer version whenever possible.

    Thank you,



    Ah, I see.

    Yes, I use always portable software only.

    Thanks for explanation. So I pull back my above suggestion.




    Upgraded from v12 during all v13-betas
    till to RC1 with new key without any problem.

    (Win7 32+64, 32-bit portable)

    Thank you.


    Posted by Yutaka on 6/11/2013 10:16:50 pm
    Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v13.0.0.

    WOW, first Black Sabbath 13, now EmEditor 13.

    Thank you! どうもありがとうございました

    This is for you Yutaka >


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