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    Yutaka Emura

    Today, we are releasing EmEditor v15.5.0 beta 1.

    Notes: Important workspaces are encouraged to save backups before running this beta version. The workspace format has been changed, and we might include more options in the new workspace format.

    Updates from v15.4.1 include:

    New General Features

    • When starting EmEditor without opening files, the new Start window now appears (it can be disabled by settings). The Start window allows you to select previously used workspace (default workspace), recently used files, or a recently used folder by clicking the corresponding item with the mouse button or pressing the UP, DOWN, and Enter keys. The Start window is designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive. When the Start window is opened, the keyboard focus is still in the editor, and entering text or selecting a command will hide the Start window. Also, pressing the DOWN key while a new document is opened brings up the Start window.
    • The new ExecutePlugin method allows you to call plug-in features from within macros. This allows, for example, a snippet feature temporarily even when the Snippets plug-in is not running. See “Examples to call plug-ins from macros” below.
    • In previous versions, CSV separators and horizontal/vertical lines became invisible when selecting text. The new version makes them visible. Currently, there are no related options, but please let us know if you need this behavior optional.
    • CSV modes, headings, and separator positions are now included in workspaces. We might include more options in workspaces. In that case, workspaces saved in the beta version might become useless. Important workspaces are encouraged to save backups before running this beta version.
    • The limit for the filter string length was relaxed to 10,000 characters long.
    • The Extract Columns, Join CSV, and Sort by Multiple Columns dialog boxes now allows you to select multiple items move up and down in the list.

    Examples to call plug-ins from macros

    Calls the Snippets plug-in, and wraps the selected text with HTML/XML tags.

    editor.ExecutePlugin("Snippets.dll", eePluginUserMessage, 0, "<${1:p}>${2:${SelText}}</$1>$0" );

    Calls the Projects plug-in, and opens the specified solution file.

    editor.ExecutePlugin("Projects.dll", eePluginUserMessage, 0, "E:\\Test\\Test.eesln" );

    Calls the Search plug-in, searches the document for the specified string and shows the result list.

    editor.ExecutePlugin("Search.dll", eePluginUserMessage, eeFindReplaceCase | eeFindReplaceRegExp, "Test" );

    Simply runs the specified plug-in

    editor.ExecutePlugin("E:\dir\plugin.dll", eePluginExecuteCommand | eePluginAbsolutePath );

    Retrieves the specified plug-in status.

    status = editor.ExecutePlugin("E:\dir\plugin.dll", eePluginQueryStatus | eePluginAbsolutePath );

    New Options

    • The Customize Start Window button was added to the Window tab of the Customize dialog box, and the Customize Start Window dialog box was added.
    • The Double-click to Select a Cell check box was added to the CSV tab of the Customize dialog box.

    New Commands

    • Start Window

    Plug-in New Features

    • The Snippets plug-in supports user messages. Even while the plug-in is not running, you can call the plug-in to run a specified snippet string from a macro.
    • The Projects plug-in supports user messages. You can call the plug-in to open a specified solution file from a macro.
    • The Search plug-in supports user messages. You can call the plug-in to search the document for a specified string and show the result list.

    Plug-in API New Features

    • The EE_EXEC_PLUGIN message, Editor_ExecPlugin inline function, and EE_EXEC_PLUGIN structure were added.
    • The EI_GET_COMBINE_HISTORY parameter was added to the EE_INFO message (Editor_Info inline function).

    Macro New Features

    • The CombineHistory property was added to the Window object.
    • The ExecutePlugin method was added to the Editor object, and the eePluginExecuteCommand, eePluginUserMessage, eePluginQueryStatus, eePluginAbsolutePath flags were added.

    To Download (64-bit installer) (32-bit installer) (64-bit portable) (32-bit portable)

    These files will be deleted when official release versions become available. The official releases can be downloaded at the Download page.

    Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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