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    EmEditor v15.5.0 released!

    Thank you, Yutaka.

    My two cents:

    1.) When starting EmEditor without opening files, the new Start window now appears …
    Me think the “the new Start window” is nifty. I even assign an hotkey to it: Tools/Start Ctrl+Alt+S , for quickly launching recent files.
    And I think this dialog miss an [Close] button additionally to ESC key.
    Oh, we even can press arrow down in Untitled documents to open the ‘Start’ dialog.
    And also arrow up to let it disappear again.
    Or two times arrow down to also browse the list.
    OK, above shortcut and also the ‘[Close] button’ request removed! ;-)


    2.) After CTRL + F12 to start splitting an EmEditor window, pressing HOME, END, PAGE UP, or PAGE DOWN moves the splitter position…
    Very nifty, thanks.
    Ctrl+F12 and HOME + ENTER = horizontal split
    Ctrl+F12 and PAGE + ENTER = vertically split
    Observation: the HOME key -function doesn’t respect an open Snippet window on the left and so move to far to the left. Nothing serious however.

    3.) I like the “Examples to call plug-ins from macros”,… very helpful to understood the new features.


    Thank you for making EmEditor!

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