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    Yutaka Emura

    Today, we are releasing EmEditor v21.2 beta 9 (21.1.909).

    Updates from beta 8 include:

    • Added the Open the combined file when finished successfully, Run a macro against the opened combined file, Set this as the default macro check boxes to the Destination page of the Combine Files wizard.
    • Added the button to the Destination page of the Combine Files wizard to specify arguments such as $(CombineRunSerial) and $(NumOfFiles) to specify the destination file.
    • This version allows you to click (not double-click) on the status bar to change settings or show menus.
    • Divided the CSV page of the Customize dialog box to CSV Formats and CSV Options pages.
    • Add the Min lines to detect option to the CSV Formats page of the Customize dialog box.
    • Add the Customize CSV Options command.
    • Enabled the Marker feature to the Free version.
    • This version automatically restores the Outline Guide after setting and aborting a filter if the Outline Guide was previously set.
    • Avoided the pre-v21.2 issue where EmEditor could crash while pressing the CONVERT key while using the new version of Japanese IME.
    • Fixed a v21.1 issue related to the Button-style Tabs under a certain condition.

    Please see EmEditor v21.1 New Features for details and screenshots.

    Notes: Beta versions are updated frequently. If you use the installer version, please select Customize Update Checker on the Help menu, and set the Include beta versions in order to update automatically to future beta versions. Beta versions can also be downloaded at Previous versions.

    Please post any questions or comments in this forum, or Contact us.
    Thank you for trying EmEditor beta!

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