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    Yutaka Emura

    This message contains changelog regarding v23.1 preview. The information is being updated as more preview versions are released.

    Please post any questions or comments in this forum, or Contact us. Thank you for trying EmEditor preview!

    Please see Help History v23.1 for new features.

    To update

    If you use the installer version, please select Customize Update Checker on the Help menu, and set the Include preview versions in order to update automatically to future preview versions. Preview versions can also be downloaded at Previous versions.

    preview 1 (23.0.901) – December 13, 2023

    – Fixed a potential crash while using the Sort Randomly command on a very large file.
    – Fixed a potential issue where CSV right-aligned columns could become invisible.
    – Fixed a potential crash while switching a monitor or changing the screen scale (DPI).
    – Fixed a potential crash while retrieving the Clipboard History when launching EmEditor.
    – Fixed customer reported issues (1).

    preview 2 (23.0.902) – December 18, 2023

    Significantly enhanced the speed of numerous commands when editing very large files, including CSV, while also reducing crashes caused by low memory.
    – The new version displays a message box when an active opened file was deleted by an external program.
    – Fixed the behavior of the Delete Lines command when multiple selections exist.

    preview 3 (23.0.903) – December 30, 2023

    – Fixed an issue where the Free version could open a file as a CSV mode.
    – The new version uses the old method to open a file if invalid characters exist in Japanese JIS or EUC.
    – Improved the memory/temporary files related functions.

    preview 4 (23.0.904) – January 3, 2024

    – Improved the speed of opening a large file while the Disk-base option is turned off.
    – Improved the speed of changing the wrap mode.
    – Fixed a potential crash on AutoFill.

    preview 5 (23.0.905) – January 7, 2024

    – Update LSP servers of CSS and JSON to 1.85.1 and update typescript-language-server to v4.2.0.
    – Added the KeepRunning property to the Shell object.
    Reduced a brief freeze when switching documents.
    – Improved the speed when inserting a very large text.

    preview 6 (23.0.906) – January 9, 2024

    – Added a survey link to the dialog box during uninstall.
    – Added the Language Server Protocol (initial message) notification.
    – Improved the LSP completion list.
    – Fixed a customer reported issue related to External Tools.

    preview 7 (23.0.907) – January 11, 2024

    – Added a message box when EmEditor crashed due to STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR.
    – Fixed a potential issue related to Comparison, Opening a file, cursor positions, sticky vertical selection mode, and default Markdown highlighting.

    preview 8 (23.0.908) – January 12, 2024

    – Fixed issues related to opening a file, cursor position, and AutoFill handle.
    – Improved completion list.

    preview 9 (23.0.909) – January 13, 2024

    – Fixed potential crashes.

    preview 10 (23.0.910) – January 15, 2024

    – Fixed a certain crash after many lines were inserted.
    – Improved the speed of Find Previous with regex.

    preview 11 (23.0.911) – January 16, 2024

    – Fixed a potential crash when inserting a UTF-16 file into a UTF-8 file.
    – Fixed an issue related to the initial string in the Find/Replace dialog box.

    preview 12 (23.0.912) – January 17, 2024

    – Improved the speed of behavior when a very long line exists in a document.
    – Fixed a potential crash when opening many files at once.

    preview 13 (23.0.913) – January 18, 2024

    – Improved the speed of AutoFill.
    – Fixed a potential crash if the Ensure a newline exists at the end of each file option is turned on.
    – Set the Use Web Browser within EmEditor to view Help if available option turned off by default.

    preview 14 (23.0.914) – January 20, 2024

    – Fixed a customer reported issue (1).
    – Improved the speed of CombineLines, filter, SetColumn, Find Previuos with regex.

    preview 15 (23.0.915) – January 22, 2024

    – Improved the speed of the CSV syntax check and Adjust Separator Positions command.
    – Fixed an issue related to the Close button in document tabs.
    – Fixed an issue related to file monitoring.

    preview 16 (23.0.916) – January 23, 2024

    – Fixed a potential crash at the Insert Column Right/Left commands.
    – Adjusted the separator positions after the Duplicate Columns command.


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