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    Yutaka Emura

    This message contains changelog regarding v23.2 preview. The information is being updated as more preview versions are released.

    Please post any questions or comments in this forum, or Contact us. Thank you for trying EmEditor preview!

    To update

    If you use the installer version, please select Customize Update Checker on the Help menu, and set the Include preview versions in order to update automatically to future preview versions. Preview versions can also be downloaded at Previous versions.

    preview 1 (23.1.901) – January 31, 2023

    – Added the Prompt if deleted check box to the File page of configuration properties. [PF]
    Added the Find Next/Previous matches non-overlapping strings only to the Advanced dialog box. [P]
    – Added a Close button to each pane of a split window when split for comparisons. [PF].
    – Added Close Tab command. [PF]
    Supported the \Q…\E syntax with Onigmo regex. [PF]
    – Added the eeExFindNoOverlap flag to the Find method. [P]
    The new version will not scroll horizontally when a solution is opened in the Projects plug-in.

    preview 2 (23.1.902) – February 12, 2024

    – Added the Max column width text box to the CSV Options page of the Customize dialog box.
    – Fixed various issues and improved the stability.

    preview 3 (23.1.903) – February 14, 2024

    – Improved the speed of the Increase Line Indent and Decrease Line Indent commands.

    preview 4 (23.1.904) – February 21, 2024

    – Added the Copy All to Left and Copy All to Right commands. [PF]
    – Added the URIs and Email addresses to the Extract Frequent Strings dialog box. [P]
    – Added a shortcut for EmEditor to the Windows 11 style context menu of Windows Explorer (64-bit Desktop Installer version only). [PF]

    preview 5 (23.1.905) – February 22, 2024

    – Fixed a potential issue of preview 3 and 4 where a portion of a very large file might not be saved.

    preview 6 (23.1.906) – February 23, 2024

    – Added the Copy to Other command. [PF]

    preview 7 (23.1.907) – February 24, 2024

    – Added the SetEnv method to the Shell object.
    – Added the ChatAI.jsee macro.

    preview 8 (23.1.908) – February 25, 2024

    – Renamed ChatAI.jsee to AI.jsee.

    preview 10 (23.1.910) – February 26, 2024

    – Made the Retrieve Windows Clipboard History on Startup option turned off by default
    – Made the Switch to no wrap option turned off on comparison by default.
    – Improved the AI.jsee macro.

    preview 11 (23.1.911) – February 27, 2024

    – Improved the AI.jsee macro.
    – Reverted the Windows 11 stlye context menu feature.


    • [P] EmEditor Professional only
    • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free
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