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    Yutaka Emura

    This message contains changelog regarding v24.1 preview. The information is being updated as more preview versions are released.

    Please post any questions or comments in this forum, or Contact us. Thank you for trying EmEditor preview!

    To update

    If you use the installer version, please select Customize Update Checker on the Help menu, and set the Include preview versions in order to update automatically to future preview versions. Preview versions can also be downloaded at Previous versions.

    preview 1 (24.0.901) – March 15, 2024

    – Added a shortcut to Windows 11 context menu in Explorer. (Desktop Installer versions only) [PF]
    – Added the Add a shortcut to Windows 11 Context Menu in Explorer check box to the Shortcut page of the Customize dialog box. [P]

    preview 2 (24.0.902) – March 21, 2024

    – Added the ability to complete a word or phrase by using the OpenAI API.
    – Added the AI assisted writing checkbox to the General page of the configuration properties.
    – Added the AI page to the Customize dialog box.
    – Added the Customize AI command.

    preview 3 (24.0.903) – March 22, 2024

    – Supported upper hexadecimal characters for IPv6 addresses.

    preview 4 (24.0.904) – March 23, 2024

    – By pressing the Right arrow key, you can now confirm only one character of the text suggested by AI. Additionally, pressing the Ctrl+Space keys when AI suggestions are not displayed will now forcibly show the suggestions. If the suggestion is already being displayed and the Ctrl+Space keys are pressed, it will now show a different suggestion from the previous one.

    preview 5 (24.0.905) – March 24, 2024

    – Fixed a customer reported issue(1).

    preview 6 (24.0.906) – March 25, 2024

    – Fixed a potential crash while sorting a CSV file with invalid syntax.

    preview 7 (24.0.907) – March 26, 2024

    – Support for Delete, End, and Ctrl+Right keys when AI suggestion is displayed.


    • [P] EmEditor Professional only
    • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free
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