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    Either solution would work for me.
    Explorer context menu with portable version, Or export settings on nonportable version.

    I’m planning to use emEditor on a virtual machine, but sync settings to the host.



    Explorer context menu for the EmEditor portable version:

    – create a shortcut of EmEditor.exe
    – copy the shortcut
    – open WinExplorer and enter ‘shell:sendto:
    – paste the link into your sendto folder
    From now on you can utilize
    the explorer context menu > Send to > EmEditor.exe – Shortcut

    That works even on folders which will open EmEditors file open menu.

    Of course, EmEditor can do that for you too:

    EmEditor Home - EmEditor Help - Dialog Boxes
    - Customize dialog box > Shortcut tab

    The Shortcut tab allows you to customize
    settings related to the shortcuts.

    [X] Add a shortcut to the "Send To" menu check box
    In EmEditor, adds a shortcut
    to the "Send To" menu in Explorer.

    ... and there are more...

    – – –

    – assign EmEditor to all types of files in the Registry.

    Then you can right click a file and chose “Open in EmEditor”

    Here is an example *.reg file to add this to the registry.
    (apparently you have to adjust the path to EmEditor.exe.
    Use double back slashes as you see in my example)

    Note: this for each user, not system wide.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses*shellOpen in EmEditorcommand]
    @="F:EmEditorEmEditor.exe CU "\%L""

    To have that on folders too, you can use this combined version:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    #Provide EmEditor for each file type:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClasses*shellOpen in EmEditorcommand]
    @="F:EmEditorEmEditor.exe "\%L""

    #Provide EmEditor on folders:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesFoldershellOpen in EmEditorcommand]
    @="F:EmEditorEmEditor.exe "\%L""

    We can utilize an script instead of such *.reg files to determine
    the current EmEditor path and write that to the registry.
    I think we can even do that from EmEditor Tools menu
    since EmEditor provides now $(AppDir), $(AppDrive) variables already.

    Ohh, or simply a macro:

    wsh = new ActiveXObject("Wscript.Shell");
    regkey = "HKCUSoftwareClasses*shellOpen in portable EmEditorcommand";
    strName = editor.FullName;
    wsh.RegWrite( regkey, strName + " "\%L"", "REG_SZ");

    No matter from which drive EmEditor is launched,
    “Open with portable EmEditor” is always overwritten with currently right path.

    – – –

    To complete this topic…

    You can also assign EmEditor to some
    file types to launch EmEditor by double clicking:

    EmEditor Help – Command Reference
    – Tools category > Define Configurations command

    Step-by-Step how to:

    ** Menu: Tools > Select Configuration > Define Configurations

    ** [Associations] button

    ** [Associate with EmEditor…]

    ** [Add]
    ** Extension [ txt ]
    ** [OK]

    ** [Close]

    ** [OK]

    ** [Close]

    – – –

    To export settings on non-portable (installed) version:

    You can export the registry key of an installed EmEditor version
    from the registry to an *.reg file and import that file.reg on another PC.

    (take care about the path to EmEditor.exe again)

    I think I have read that in this forum already once. A search may help.


    Yutaka wrote:

    Most settings are stored in the Registry.

    You can use "Import and Export" on the Tools menu to export your settings.

    That’s even better.



    Incredible post, thanks!
    However, it doesn’t get me what I want :)
    Notepad++ has an entry just under ‘open’ in the right click menu. Even installing emeditor, I don’t get that. It has to go trough ‘send to’, which is polluted with lots of useless entries (‘fax’, really?). I would never use that.

    Any way to get it at the top of the tree, not under ‘send to’?


    urlwolf wrote:

    an entry just under ‘open’ in the right click menu.
    Even installing emeditor, I don’t get that.

    Any way to get it at the top of the tree, …?

    Yes, you can use my method B) from above.
    Best use the script to always have the right path.

    This will result in a context menu like:

    The same as with NP++, but EmEditor even serves on folders ;-)

    Tip: the string “Open in portable EmEditor”
    can be edited to your likely,
    e.g. to “Edit with EmEditor”.

    To have the SendTo EmEditor item at top, just change
    the name of that shortcut as show above in picture.



    excellent! Thanks!
    notepad++ uninstalled o/

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