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    Hello Everyone,

    I have recently found this editor and I am very very happy with it thus far.

    I have been writing to the author on this feature and he says that he may add it to the editor itself, but I wanted to see if anyone has come up with a solution for this.

    I have used Textpad in my former life (of editor use that is) and one feature it has is the ability to extend selection using Find and its Goto command. So, let me give you examples of something I do very very frequently:

    1. Determine a line number that I am on.

    2. Determine the end point that I wish to delete (like I may want to delete lines 100 through 200 of a file).

    3. Go to the start point (line 100).

    4. Invoke the Jump command and jump to line 200.

    5. Hit the delete key to remove the 100 lines.

    Also, I want to do the following:

    1. Mark the point that I want to delete with some text like:

    ‘JBishop – Z99 – delete here

    2. Go to some point in the file and invoke a Find searching for Z99 and check a box to extend selection.

    3. Once the cursor has found the location, press the delete key.

    I could write code to do this using macros but it wouldn’t be dynamic in nature without popping up a popup window.

    I have tried using the F8 command in EM Editor and then doing a find or a Jump but that doesn’t seem to extend selection.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions on this one?

    Jeff Bishop

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