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    When the list has the vertical scroll,

    Issue 1:
    Add/copy new items.
    ** The icons of them (at the bottom of the list) are not correct at the time. They are just cloned from the first ones.

    Issue 2:
    Delete an item.
    ** See the icons of the currently selected one, and the one below it.

    Issue 3:
    After a new item is added, the list will scroll to bottom to show the new (selected) one. This is nice.
    ** But the list need not and should not scroll after an item is edited (because the one is already in sight). This is annoying when I want to keep at the bottom.

    Issue 4:
    Hope Rename in the menu (F2) can be used.

    What are Cut/Copy/Paste in the menu for? (since Rename cannot be used in the list)

    Hope Delete key can be used to delete an item(s).

    Ctrl+A/T/B are not working when focus is on a button.

    Though Top/Bottom are available in the menu, other users may want to see the buttons.

    Suggestion 1:
    command/icon: Hope the two “…” buttons can open the current path in the text box, and support environment variables and relative paths.

    Suggestion 2:
    Automatically get the Initial Directory and the Icon Path (if previously blank) after the Command is added/changed.


    Yutaka Emura

    v18.1.0 will include all these features/bug fixes except:

    Ctrl+A/T/B will still not work when focus in on a button. I think this is common specs of Windows. The context menu including Cut/Copy/Paste/Top/Bottom items is the universal menu used throughout EmEditor. In some dialogs where these menu items are not applicable, they will simply become grayed (disabled).

    I didn’t add Top/Bottom buttons to all the similar dialogs with a listbox because some users might feel distracted when they are used to the current design.

    “Copy” in the menu simply copies the title text in this dialog to the Clipboard.



    Issue 2 still exists.

    Issue 5:
    The “Copy” behavior here is odd:
    after the clipboard is changed by any other app, this “Copy” command will fail to send the title to the clipboard.

    Suggestion 3:
    Remember the position of “External Tool Properties” box (relative to the parent window).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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