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    > Added the Show New Options check box to the Customize Start Window dialog box.
    ▲ This new idea and design is fantastic!
    And it sparks some further thoughts in my mind:

    ▲ Just show this toggle in the window instead. So we will never forget to use it, but can hide the pane instantly when it hinders.
    ▲ Reset the toggle (i.e. open the list) on each update to show the new things.

    Enhance it as a “Favorite Options” list:
    ▲ In KeyboardMap/QuickLaunch, Add “Add to Start Window” command for “Options”. So one can send the links to his favorite (but deep) options into Start Window, for later convenience.
    ▲ The links can be removed from the list.
    ▲ Add a button in Start Window (at the bottom of the “Favorite Options” list) to open [KeyboardMap/QuickLaunch: Options]. So one will be reminded on either end to use these features.

    It’s great that we can jump to and even focus the corresponding option by clicking the item in the list.
    This encourages me to ask for the enhancement of “Search in Settings”.
    See the image:
    ▲ UltraEdit’s “Find in settings” gives a list of ALL the matched items, including those in a same page, so we won’t miss any one.
    ▲ Double click in the search result to jump to and focus the option.
    ▲ Click Find box to return to the search result.

    Disable “Show New Options”.
    Enable “Show Additional Buttons”.
    The left lists should expand to fill the width.


    I suggest keeping only links in the list.
    One should open the destination to see the context, before changing the option (e.g. “Count matches when a document is opened”).
    And thus this list could be more lightweight I think.

    The links can be renamed.
    So one can distinguish them quickly.

    Please at least consider the 3.
    “Jump + Focus” is also needed for KeyboardMap/QuickLaunch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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